Shock pad for artificial turf system installation

Shock pad for artificial turf system installation

Foam shock pad underlays

are often used in artificial turf installation for a number of reasons. They provide a soft feel underfoot and help to cushion the impact of trips and falls.

We don’t just supply the best artificial grass shoch pad! We also provide professional guidance. Installing shock pad is a fantastic way of transforming the rigid field, making it feel softer and safer for players.

Meishuo shock pad is a kind of impact and drainage pad for the playground market that uses recycled cross-linked polyethylene foam to create a soft, yet stable playing surface. The shock pad underlay is suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications with various size. The shock pad is manufactured using large pieces of foam that are bonded together by heat and compression, without the use of adhesives. The material itself does not degrade, break down, or lose its shock absorbing qualities over time — offering you a safe playground for the entire life of the turf.

Advantage of shock pad:
•  Constant performance for the entire service life
•  Optimized shock absorption and vertical deformation
•  Reusable for many installations
•  Excellent drainage, high dimensionalstability and no water absorption
•  Quick and easy installation
• Excellent recovery properties

If you want to how istall the shock pad turf, please find it by link: Shock pad for artificial turf system installation
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