Roof insulation

Roof insulation

Thermal insulation foam (foam laminated aluminum foil) is professionally covered on the roof, which has significant thermal insulation (radiation protection) effect, leak prevention and sound insulation. Do not let the sun, ultraviolet rays and rain acid corrode the roof, so that your roof is not easy to age. The roof surface is silver. It also significantly reduces the energy consumption of air conditioning and reduces electricity expenses.
Thermal insulation in winter: prevent indoor temperature leakage, and do not need (or not for a long time) to use an electric heater to achieve the effect of cold insulation. Bring energy conservation, low carbon and environmental protection to the social environment.

Ten advantages of the product:
1. Thermal insulation
2. Prevent the roof from rusting and aging
3. Water leakage prevention and loophole filling
4. Fire protection of outer metal layer
5. Sound insulation (reduce rain noise)
6. Extend the service life by 5-10 years
7. Energy saving 30%
8. Environmental friendly, health and no harm
9. Fire retardant
10. The rusty parts of the house do not need to be replaced

Heat insulation and reflected light; When exposed to the sun in summer, the indoor temperature of the plant can be reduced by 6-12 ℃.
The surface layer of the product is made of light proof and ultraviolet proof aluminum foil, and the inner layer is made of thermal insulation protection material. The material is soft, light and easy to install.
It is not affected by the thermal expansion and cold contraction of seasonal climate, resulting in the destruction of aluminum layer.
This product is tasteless and non-toxic; its appearance not only solves the discomfort and environmental harm brought by glass fiber and foamed thermal insulation materials to human body, but also blocks the ultraviolet rays penetrating iron sheet, wood and ordinary thermal insulation materials into the plant.
On the roof of the existing ordinary steel structure plant, after a period of time, the surface of the color steel tile began to rust, corrosion and aging, water leakage, and there was no heat insulation and sound insulation effect.
If the surface of the colored steel tile is covered with heat insulation, heat preservation, leak proof and leakage repair materials, significant heat insulation and heat preservation effect can be achieved; Acid rain can prevent color steel tiles from rusting, corrosion and aging, water leakage and rain sound (sound insulation).
Installation method:
The inner thermal insulation protection material shall be bonded to the color steel tile and fully covered.
Advantages after installing this product:
1. Heat insulation and reflected light; When exposed to the sun in summer, the indoor temperature of the plant can be reduced by 6-12 ℃.
2. Leak proof, rust proof, acid rain proof, corrosion-proof, UV proof and efficient.
3. Keep away from light and radiation reflectivity up to 97%, effectively blocking heat transfer; In addition to reflecting radiant heat, it also has a significant effect on shielding electromagnetic waves.
4. Prevent the aging of color steel tiles on the roof and prolong the service life of the plant (5-10 years).
5. Sound insulation, mainly rain proof, especially on the roof of steel structure plant.
6. Cold resistant, still unaffected at minus 40 ℃.
7. The appearance is beautiful and can still be operated on the roof after construction.


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