XPE Foam

XPE foam is a waterproof closed-cell foam material with excellent thermal insulation and waterproof properties. Meishuo XPE foam offers lightweight cushioning and impact resistance, making it ideal for packaging, insulation, automotive components, and sports equipment padding.


ESD PE foam is a kind of Anti-Static closed cell polyethylene foam in black color, it’s Eco-friendly, low density, electrostatic protective industrial foam for package

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XPE foam is also known as heat-resistant foam or waterproof closed-cell foam. You can select the most suitable XPE foam products for your unique needs.

Introduction:There are different foam types, each with distinct properties. ESD foam includes anti-static and conductive variations characterized by their surface resistance values. Explore our selection of XPE foam products, offering options in durable materials like heat-resistant foam and waterproof closed-cell foam. These heat-resistant foams are designed for longevity and reliability, providing firmness for various applications. Trust in Meishuo XPE foam versatility for your specific needs with ease and precision.

Characteristic:  Environmental protection  |  Easy to secondary molding processing  |  Waterproof  |  Permanent conductive or anti static

Polyolefin Foam – XPE FOAM MSX25

The full Chinese name of XPE (IXPE) is (Chemical crosslinked polyethylene foam & Irradiation crosslinked polyethylene foam). It is a kind of foam with wide

Meishuo aims to provide our partners with high-performance XPE foam, also called heat-resistant foam and waterproof closed-cell foam. If you are interested in Meishuo XPE foam or other foam material, please don’t hesitate to contact us!