Polyolefin Foam – XPE FOAM MSX25

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Polyolefin Foam – XPE FOAM MSX25

The full Chinese name of XPE (IXPE) is (Chemical crosslinked polyethylene foam & Irradiation crosslinked polyethylene foam). It is a kind of foam with wide application and superior performance.

IXPP foam is a type of polyolefin foam, which is also called polypropylene foam. It is cross linked by electron beam radiation.

Technical Data

Expanded Times 25B
Density – NominalISO 845:2006    kg/m³40±5
Shore HardnessShore C                   LX-C°30±5
Size limitThicknessInternalmm3~12
Tensile StrengthTDISO 1798:2008  KPa≥250
Elongation at BreakTDISO 1798:2008  %≥100
Tear strengthTDQB/T 1130-91KN/m≥1.5

Compression Set                          


(23℃ 24hr)

25%ISO 1856:2000   %≤12

 Dimension Stability



TDISO 2796:1986 %≤±3
Water Absorption50%ISO 62:2008       %≤0.3
Thermal ConductivityISO 8302:1991      W/(m.K)≤0.04

The full Chinese name of XPE (IXPE) is (Chemical crosslinked polyethylene foam & Irradiation crosslinked polyethylene foam). It is a kind of foam with wide application and superior performance.

The product is based on LDPE (low density polyethylene) as the main material, cross linked by DCP (crosslinking agent), and a new material foamed with AC (foaming agent). In the production process, other materials can be added to achieve the modification effect.

XPE (IXPE) is a free-style continuous foaming material. The surface is smooth, the cells are closed, independent, uniform, non-absorbent, and unlimited length soft material. Compared with other similar foam products, XPE (IXPE) has better performance. XPE (IXPE) performs well on environmental protection, flame retardant, insulation, waterproof, moisture-proof, shock absorption, buffering, rebound, heat preservation, heat insulation, weather resistance, aging resistance, chemical resistance, light weight, easy processing and forming, etc. XPE (IXPE) as the inner lining core material, outer packaging, is widely used in automotive interiors, sports and leisure, tourism products, packaging, freezing, construction, home decoration, public place decoration, as well as shoe materials, luggage, friction, agriculture, forestry and aquatic products, marine navigation industry, children’s toys, medical care and various daily necessities industries. The market potential is huge as well as the prospects.

Related features

1.Thermal insulation: its fine independent bubble structure can effectively reduce the energy exchange caused by air convection, and is suitable for making insulation pipes and insulation boards. It also has anti-condensation properties, making it extremely suitable for heat preservation materials in humid environments such as refrigerators, air conditioners, and cold storage.

2.Sound absorption: with sound absorption and noise reduction function, suitable for use in aircraft, railway vehicles, automobiles, electric motors and other strong noise equipment and sound absorbing and sound insulation materials in the environment.

3.Formability–(XPE/IXPE) has strong heat resistance, good ductility, uniform density, and can realize deep parts such as vacuum forming and hot pressing, so it can be used in automobile air-conditioning evaporation cabinets, automobile hot-pressing ceilings, etc. Materials for accessories and shoe materials.

4.Cushioning–(XPE/IXPE) is a semi-rigid foam that does not lose its original performance after strong impact. It is mostly used in precision instruments, semiconductor packaging and other fields. At the same time, it can also be used for sports The field of production of protective equipment and leisure products.

5.In addition, XPE/IXPE also has the properties of non-toxic, odorless, chemical resistance, oil resistance, acid resistance, halogen resistance and other various chemicals. The new generation of high-efficiency, energy-saving and environmentally friendly materials will have broad development prospects.

Common uses of XPE:

A) Various sports equipment: such as helmets, protective gear, surfboards, ski boots, roller skates, floor mats, mountaineering bags, sports bags, floating boards, etc.

B) Car interiors: such as the roof of the car, the inside of the door, around the instrument, the gasket in the car light, and the car audio. Car floor mats XPE and so on. The foam has good plasticity, coupled with its heat insulation, sound insulation, softness and cushioning characteristics, is currently an advanced vehicle interior decoration material.

C) Daily necessities: stationery, tools, medical equipment, outer packaging of cosmetics and protective materials for camera audio. It can also be used as lining material for luggage and shock-proof packaging and lining material for household appliances, precision instruments, valuables, etc. It can be used in all-round sports shoes, functional shoes lining materials.

D) Air conditioning and refrigeration field: its heat insulation and excellent molding properties can also be used in any shape in the air conditioner, with beautiful appearance and superior performance. Such as air-conditioning insulation pipes, heat insulation special-shaped parts, etc.

E) Building heat insulation, sound insulation and waterproof field, floating floor sound insulation and vibration damping mats, floor sound insulation and vibration damping mats, etc.

F) Industrial gaskets and industrial special adhesive products, bottle cap gaskets, sealing gaskets, foam tape, etc.

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