Meishuo offers different types of professional foam; you can find antistatic foam, lightweight foam, and other related foam materials here.

Select the most suitable professional foam(including antistatic foam and lightweight foam) for your unique needs.


ESD PE foam is a kind of Anti-Static closed cell polyethylene foam in black color, it’s Eco-friendly, low density, electrostatic protective industrial foam for package

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Introduction:Our array of professional foam options encompasses a range of unique properties. From antistatic foam to lightweight foam variants, our selection of polyethylene foam products provides a versatile solution tailored to your requirements with precision. This closed-cell foam, crafted for durability and longevity, ensures reliable firmness and resilience, making it ideal for various applications. Its robust nature renders it well-suited for shock-absorbing purposes, effectively dampening vibrations. Particularly adept for automotive interior materials, this professional foam excels in lightening purposes and noise reduction, showcasing its versatility across different applications.

Characteristic: ☆ Light-wight, noise reduction ☆ Much easy to be shaped and formed ☆ Good choice to replace the irradiated cross linked polyethylene foam in automotive interior

Processed FOAM Laminated Foam

Foam material: Polyethylene foam, xpe foam, ixpe foam
Thickness: 10mm~60mm
Width: 500mm~1600mm
Length: maxium 2 meter
Color: black, white, blue, green, yellow, orange or customized<br

XPE FOAM Adhesive Foam

Material:polyolefin foam,xpe foam, ixpe foam, polyethylene foam with aluminum foil
Thickness: 5mm~20mm
Color: black, pink,
Width: 500mm~1600mm
Length: 30m/roll, 50m/roll
Application: Roof insulation, pipe insulation,

Processed FOAM Aluminum Foil Foam

Aluminum foil foam is called so due to it has great insulation properties after Meishuo’s XLEP foam is fire laminated with aluminum foil. From the

Processed FOAM Slitting Foam

We can help you to solve slitting offerings with the help of our sophisticated equipment and experienced specialists. In any case, we specialize in shut

XPE foam roll

XPE foam is a kind of polymer material with good and independent fined cells, ideal for uses that requires thicker foam by multilayers lamination. Especially

Polyolefin Foam – XPE FOAM MSX05

XPE foam (chemically cross-linked polyethylene foam material) is made of polyethylene resin, foaming agent and other filling materials after being uniformly extruded and then foamed

Meishuo aims to provide our partners with high-performance antistatic foam, lightweight foam, and other professional foam for various applications. If you are interested in Meishuo antistatic foam or any foam material, please don’t hesitate to contact us!