P-Anti-Static & Conductive Foam


ESD PE foam is a kind of Anti-Static closed cell polyethylene foam in black color, it’s Eco-friendly, low density, electrostatic protective industrial foam for package industry. As foam surface resistance difference, it has anti-static PE foam and conductive PE foam two types. Anti-static PE foam has surface resistance or volume resistance of 10^6-109 Ω, and conductive PE foam has surface resistance or volume resistance 103-105Ω. Both types of ESD foam can be made into foam roll, foam sheets, foam inserts, foam blocks and foam trays as different electric protective foam requirements.

Anti-Static Foam for display spacing lining

Huzhou Meishuo provides anti-static PE foam Electronic packaging foam material, including PE foam, which meets all the electronic packaging material requirement on surface resistivity, reach 10^3 to 10^11 Ω.

Perhaps, you are experiencing largely transferring or storage electronic components. But there will exist possibilities of static damage for the components during the transportation or storage. Now, Meishuo’s ESD IXPE foam can solve your problem, and play an important role in protecting your electronic products by reducing the ESD damage to your products.

Conductive ESD FOAM MSCD 25

Surface resistance value of ESD foam:

● 10^3 to 10^5 Conductive foam
● 10^3 to 10^10 Anti-static foam

Condutive foam can automatically release charge and it is more suitable for high electrostatic sensitive electronic products.

Due to the difference of the resistance value, conductive foam is less than the static electricity of anti-static foam.

Anti Static ESD FOAM MSAS25

ESD foam:

● 10^3 Ω to 10^10 Ω – Anti-static foam

● 10^3 Ω to 10^5 Ω – Conductive foam


● Waterproof

● Permanently anti-static

Anti-static foam is a typical type of ESD foam. It is designed to protect electrial components from electrostatic damage, especially for OLED screen and LCD sreens.