A-Flooring accessories

Polypropylene foam acoustic Floor underlayment

Meishuo IXPP foam (also name as XLPP foam) may be a superior Acoustic underlay wet barrier to be used in residential and business flooring applications. As a part of our Premium series, IXPP acoustic Floor underlay made by Meishuo is that the ideal option for all laminate, designed and solid hardwood flooring installations. IXPP acoustic Floor underlay made Meishuo complete is utilized in Floating installations., which has no seal self-sealing lip& tape system. But installers can use tape themselves to help fix under floor.

IXPP floor underlayment

IXPP foam Floor underlayment is a high-performance acoustic Underlayment Moisture barrier for use in residential and commercial flooring applications. As part of our floor underlay series, Crosslinked polypropylene foam floor underlayment is the ideal choice for most Laminate Engineered and Solid hardwood flooring installations. IXPP foam underlayment for floor can be used in Floating, Nail down, and double glue down installations. Available both with and without pre-cut in small roll.

Foam underlay

Irradiated crosslinking underlay for vinyl flooring as properly as for use under wooden flooring and floor panels to provide the house better sound insulation and less shock noise from neighbors when they walk in high heels. Modern IXPE foam underlay is can directly lay under the flooring when installation in small roll, another type, the manufacturer also pre-laminated the IXPE foam beneath the flooring panel to increase anti slip layer protecting refined fasteners of vinyl panels towards damage. Meishuo foam supplies both of types.