Working Principle of foil insulation foam

Working Principle of foil insulation foam

The Heat is an energy, transmits in three ways, conduction, convection, radiation. Through the high temperature to low temperature transfer, and ultimately achieve the dynamic balance of average temperature.

Conduction: Air is a poor conductor of heat conduction. The air layer is the best material of anti-heat conductive Such as snow suits, blankets and son on, are all the use of air layer.

Convection: Occurs in the material, like liquid, gas. Therefore, cooling need to be installed on the high place, and heating need to be put on the ground (lower), Its principle is using of thermal convection transmission, to achieve uniform temperature as soon as possible.

Radiation: The sun’s radiation does not transmit to the Earth through any substance. Aluminum foil can reflect 97% of radiant heat(Emission Rate E=0.03), Aluminum foil insulation material is the best ideal to the anti- heat radiant.

Product:  Aluminum Foil XPE foam core insulation


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