What is Irradiated crosslinking polypropylene foam (IXPP foam)

What is Irradiated crosslinking polypropylene foam (IXPP foam)

Technical advantages of irradiated crosslinking polypropylene foam (IXPP foam)

Irradiated crosslinking polypropylene foam (IXPP foam) products have attracted much attention due to their good thermal stability (maximum temperature up to 130 ℃) and the size stability of products at high temperature, high toughness, tensile strength and impact strength, suitable and compliant surfaces, excellent microwave adaptability and environmental protection. They can be widely used in many fields such as packaging materials, thermal insulation materials and automotive industry.

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Main applications of irradiated crosslinking polypropylene foam (IXPP foam)

1. Packaging materials

The thermally formed food packaging container with radiation crosslinking polypropylene foam has high heat resistance up to 130 degrees Celsius (and foaming PS is only 80 degrees Celsius), and is resistant to boiling water, high temperature stability and comfortable surface feel. It is an ideal microwave oven and microwave food packaging material. The hot formed bowls, dishes and packaging materials have high enough impact strength at low temperature, can be used in colder conditions, and feel soft.

Irradiated crosslinking polypropylene foam (IXPP foam) is an ideal material for personal packaging of computers, cameras, glassware, precision instruments, high-grade articles and fragile articles.

2. Thermal insulation material

The thermal conductivity of radiation crosslinked polypropylene foam (IXPP foam) is lower than that of foamed PE (polyethylene), and its thermal insulation is better. It can withstand high temperatures of 120 degrees Celsius. It is the most advanced thermal insulation material, which can be used to make thermal insulation materials used at more than 100 ℃. It has been widely used abroad in the heat insulation materials of 90 ~ 120 ℃ heat carrier circulating battery, automobile ceiling materials, engine and car body heat insulation materials, etc. Radiation crosslinking polypropylene foam with good heat resistance can also be used as thermal insulation material for petrochemical pipelines, freezing proof and insulating sleeves for tap water pipes, and thermal insulation materials for solar energy hot water pipes, heating houses and storage tanks.

With the further popularization of solar heating system, radiation crosslinking polypropylene foam is expected to be applied more widely.

 3. Automotive interiors

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Radiation crosslinking polypropylene foam has the characteristics of high impact absorption, good resilience and high heat resistance. It has become a preferred substitute material in the automotive industry. It has been increasingly applied in the automotive interior decoration materials, and can be processed into carpet support materials, shading boards, sound insulation boards, luggage rack, interior decoration parts, suitcase and so on.

In order to save energy consumption, modern cars require to reduce mass. It is undoubtedly the development direction in the future to replace other materials with more plastics. The radiation crosslinking polypropylene foam can lighten the components of the automobile. With the development trend of light weight and energy saving of modern automobile, the application of radiation crosslinking polypropylene foam in the automotive industry will be more and more. The development and development of high-performance products will attract more attention from manufacturers and researchers. Radiation crosslinking polypropylene foam is expected to continue to grow steadily.

4. Floor underlayment

IXPP foam underlayment is a kind of acoustic underlayment & moisture barrier for use in residential and commercial flooring applications. As part of our advanced series, IXPP foam underlay is an excellent choice for most Laminate, Engineered and Solid hardwood flooring installations.

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