A-Automotive interior

Soundproof shock pad

Automotive gaskets are mechanical seals used to fill the gap between two elements to end any leakage that may also show up during the compression stage. From intake to exhaust, car gaskets and seal are usually at the center of the action, imparting the positive, leak-free seal your vehicle’s essential parts required to run at good efficiency. Our crosslinked closed cell polyethylene foam can be applied in auto gaskets and seals for your daily driver to prevent noise, water and dust, which providing you a quiet and clean space when sitting in your cars. Closed cell crosslinking pe foam gaskets and seal with or without adhesive layers, bout designed to face up to immoderate shock absorption to be placed well.

Floor mat

With the time improving, customers demand become higher and higher. The automotive users pay much attention to vehicle’s appearance and comfort, so the chemically crosslinked pe foam provide an excellent option for flooring carpet after further processed with leather or woven material, and be patterned with different design, which looks luxury and has good function of moisture and noise barrier. No matter in hot or cold weather, it provides benefits such as heat insulation(reduced condensation).