What is XPE foam made of ? And its process?

What is XPE foam made of ? And its process?

XPE foam is a type of chemically cross-linked polyethylene foam. As XPE foam has closed-cell structure which is so-called independent foaming, so Meishuo has this technic to produce it by following process:

Step 1: Masterbatch

Different raw material such as pe grains, foaming agent, color agent (expect for natural color), or fire retardant (if needed) mixed fine in proper percentage and heating in internal mixer.

Step 2: Masterbatch sheet after extrusion

After internal mixing, the masterbatch shall be extruded by single strew extruder to control the thickness and width as designed.

Step 3: Foaming

Masterbatch sheet in fine thickness after extrusion process, technics will foam it in set temperature in horizontal ovens. (Meishuo has 2 horizontal ovens up to Sept. 2021)

Step 4: In-time testing

Quality has to be tested in time before finished product is confirmed. Meishuo has a standard test instruction for workers and quality personnel. Each test result will be clearly marked for filing.

Step 5: Packing and labeling

If dimension and quality meet with customer order’s requirements, the foam will be packing in fixed length, and be packed in pe bag. After labeling, finished XPE foam will be recorded to warehouse.  

Step 6: If lamination by multilayers is required, post process such as heating lamination or sheets cutting will be done, and step 4 & 5 will be redone.

Meishuo guarantees customer can satisfy our XPE foam products, and we respond you in 24hours if you have any complaint about our products. You can contact us via: info@msfoam.com.

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