Polyolefin Foam – XPE FOAM MSX30

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Polyolefin Foam – XPE FOAM MSX30


What is XPE FOAM?

“X” refers to cross linked

“PE” refers to raw material low density PE resin

So XPE foam means cross-linked PE foam

Technical Data


Expanded Times 30B XPE FOAM
Density – NominalISO 845:2006    kg/m³33±5
Shore HardnessShore C                   LX-C°25±5
Size limitThicknessInternalmm3~15
Tensile StrengthTDISO 1798:2008  KPa≥200
Elongation at BreakTDISO 1798:2008  %≥90
Tear strengthTDQB/T 1130-91KN/m≥1.2
Compression Set
(23℃ 24hr)
25%ISO 1856:2000   %≤15
 Dimension Stability(80℃,24h)TDISO 2796:1986 %≤±3
Water Absorption50%ISO 62:2008       %≤0.3
Thermal ConductivityISO 8302:1991      W/(m.K)≤0.04

What is XPE foam?

XPE Foam

“X” refers to cross linked
“PE” refers to raw material low density PE resin
So XPE foam means cross-linked PE foam

What is the difference between XPE foam, IXPE foam and IXPP foam?

Obviously, XPE foam is different with IXPE foam and IXPP foam. XPE foam is cross linked by agent. IXPE and IXPP foam are irradiated cross linked and the raw material of IXPP foam is polypropylene resin. These are the differences between their production methods.

In addition, the maximum thickness of XPE foam reaches to 10 mm (single layer) and it can be laminated to 60 mm. And there is no glue during the laminating process. XPE foam are laminated by heating. The surface of the foam is slightly melted and two layers were embossed together. In this way, we can get a thicker foam material. By the way, the surface can be embossed to a certain pattern according to different needs.

Compared to IXPE foam and IXPP foam, XPE foam is cheaper because it does not have the process of irradiation.

XPE foam is also called PE foam.

So why XPE foam?​

Multiple processes such as cutting, slitting, embossing and pressure forming can be easily realized for XPE foam. Meishuo offers xpe foam material solutions with various densities, thicknesses and colors.

☆ 100% waterproof
☆ Closed cell structure
☆ Impervious to mildew, mold, rot and bacteria
☆ Good thermal insulation, heat conductivity low to 0.040 W/m.k
☆ Sound insulation

XPE foam is widely used in the following industries:

● Automotive interior: lightweight air duct, floor mat, sealing tape, soundproof shock pad, nameplate for cars
● Recommend type: MSX10, MSX15, MSX25, MSX30

● Construction: 3D wall panel, floating floor soundproofing mat, joint adhesive tape, expansion joint filler,
● Recommend type: MSX30

● Packaging: foam inserts, protective insert, luggage lining
● Recommend type: MSX25, MSX30

 Shock pad: shock pad for artificial grass
● Recommend type: MSX20, MSX25, MSX30

● Tape: sealing tape
● Recommend type: MSX30

XPE foam is also called Volara, Microcell, cross-linked polyethylene foam, XLPE foam, PE foam, LDPE foam.

Cross-linked polyethylene foam has very fine cells and it is suitable for projects that require thicker foam. It has a smooth and pleasant feel and excellent chemical and physical properties, making it the preferred solution for a variety of applications that require thicker closed-cell foam sections.

What is MEISHUO?

Meishuo is a xpe foam material supplier. We also supply IXPE foam, polypropylene foam, ESD foam and we provide post progress services of lamination, self-adhesive, slitting, embossing and aluminum foil coated.

☆ Meishuo’s vision: Provide the world with lightweight and comfortable foam materials;
☆ Meishuo’s mission: Provide customers with trustworthy products and valuable services, and bring more development possibilities to partners;
☆ Meishuo’s values: Employees are always our greatest wealth; through technology and high-quality products, providing customers with the best quality service is our persistent pursuit.

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