Polyolefin Foam – IXPP FOAM MSP30

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Polyolefin Foam – IXPP FOAM MSP30

“I” refers to irradiated “X” refers to cross linking “PP” refers to polypropylene resin So IXPP foam means irradiated cross linked polypropylene foam

What is IXPP foam?

“I” refers to irradiated
“X” refers to cross linking
“PP” refers to polypropylene resin
So IXPP foam means irradiated cross linked polypropylene foam

IXPP/PP FOAM/PPF (irradiation cross-linked polypropylene foam material) is a new type of polymer foam material. This product is a polymer foam material made of polypropylene resin (PP) and other fillers. IXPP not only has good thermal stability (up to 120°C) and dimensional stability of products at high temperatures, but also has excellent mechanical properties such as high toughness, tensile strength, and impact strength. IXPP’s soft surface, excellent microwave adaptability and environmental protection have attracted much attention. It can be widely used in many fields such as automobile interior decoration, building materials, packaging materials and so on.

Conventional parameters:

Foaming multiple: 5–30 times;
width: within 600-2000MM
thickness: single layer:
1-6 MM, can also be compounded into
2-50MM thickness,
commonly used colors: off-white, milky white

Related characteristics:

1, have Excellent heat resistance, foamed PP can withstand 130℃
2, has excellent mechanical properties, is the highest grade
3 among plastic foam materials, has good insulation, because the foamed PP cell structure is closed, its thermal conductivity will not be affected by moisture. The thermal insulation performance is excellent, and the low thermal conductivity (<0.036w/m.k) can be maintained stably for a long time, so it can be used as an advanced thermal insulation material.
4. In addition to having good processing properties, foamed PP has a high elongation rate of 300% at room temperature; at 120°C, its elongation rate is even higher.
5. Chemical resistance is the best among all foam materials.  
6. Ease of processing:   The appearance is smooth, the hand feels comfortable, the cells are fine and uniform, strong and flexible, and it is convenient for secondary processing (easy to compound, paste, cut, Punching, hot pressing, hot suction forming, etc.). 

Common uses Automotive: roof, door panel, rear shelf, instrument panel, door armrests, left and right-side walls, luggage compartment, floor mats, outer bottom guards, seat backup panels, air conditioning ducts, etc.

What is MEISHUO?

Meishuo is a lightweight material supplier. We also supply XPE foam, IXPE foam, ESD foam and we provide additional services of lamination, self-adhesive, slitting, embossing and aluminum foil coated.

☆ Meishuo’s vision: Provide the world with lightweight and comfortable foam materials;
☆ Meishuo’s mission: Provide customers with trustworthy products and valuable services, and bring more development possibilities to partners;
☆ Meishuo’s values: Employees are always our greatest wealth; through technology and high-quality products, providing customers with the best quality service is our persistent pursuit.

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