Foam archery target

Meoshuo provides high-density laminated polyethylene foam for archery goal constructed for competition and entertainment use. It is widely used in clubs, colleges and outdoor fun.
We provide the foam material to make the exceptional archery targets.
Foam Archery Targets are lighter weight, supply less complicated arrow elimination and with multi-sided use and long lasting.

Shock pad for artificial grass

Artificial turf structures with shock pad provide benefits compared to natural grass fields in terms of cost, usability, flexibility, and environmental performance Artificial grass shock pad is a chemically cross-linked polyolefin foam product particularly designed as a shock underlay in artificial turf systems. By the usage of selected thickness and density of the chemically crosslinking foam, the shock pads will supply the proper shock absorption, ball bounce, and resilience and protect from falling injury for any kind of sports activities field such as playground for children, golf, hockey, basement, rugby, football for athletes.

Strawberry box foam lining IXPE foam in 1mm

IXPE foam in 1mm thickness is good choice for fruit package, providing fruit a soft cushion and protect them from damage during transportation. Besides, the white color foam lining (some also use black color foam lining) to separate each fruit independently packed to decrease the movement. With good tensile strength and elongation, IXPE foam can be well vacuum formed to match the strawberries. What’s more, the IXPE foam lining help you protect the freshness of fruit and show its beauty.

Cap liner

Meishuo offers you advanced packaging solutions with our closed cell cross linked polyolefin foam material, aiming at providing protection against vibration and shock. Polyethylene (PE) Foam Lined Caps: These pe foam caps have excellent sealing characteristics and offer good chemical resistance including acids, alcohols, alkalis, aqueous products, cosmetics, household oils and solvents.

ESD turnover box

Conductive foam has good conductivity. The resistance of conductive foam is 10^3-10^6.
Conductive foam and anti-static foam has following features:
heat insulated
sound insulated
free of chemical corrosion
no corrosion to components and packaging
good secondary processing performance
easy to form and compressive
Good wear resistance
excellent cushioning and shock absorption performance
independent and fine closed cells

ESD tray

Anti-static foam is manufactured by the foaming technology of polymer material composite raw materials, and the foaming diameter is symmetrical, soft, and quite malleable. The uniform distribution of the conductive foam can protect the pins of the device. In addition, it has corrosion resistance and is an ideal material for long-term storage devices.

Luggage lining

Meishuo offers you advanced packaging solutions with our closed cell cross linked polyethylene foam. It is lightweight and amazing retention materials for securing item from vibration, stun and electric inactive. And it can be cut and effectively squeezed or vacuum shaped into basic or complex shapes.