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Independent innovation is the core value of Meishuo.

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Meishuo's vision

Provide the world with lightweight and comfortable foam materials;

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Meishuo's mission

Provide customers with trustworthy products and valuable services, and bring more development possibilities to partners;

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Meishuo's values

Employees are always our greatest wealth; through technology and high-quality products, providing customers with the best quality service is our persistent pursuit.

Company profile

Located at the land of plenty, Huzhou Meishuo New Material Co., Ltd. was established with its inherent mission!
Meishuo always adheres to the concept of science and environmental protection. We practice the concept of green sustainable development and actively respond to the basic national policy of energy saving and emission reduction,
We provide high-performance and lightweight interior materials for the automotive industry; high-reflective green-standard thermal insulation materials for construction industry; durable thermal insulation materials for air-conditioning and floor heating industry; stable performance and customized ESD functional materials and products for the electronics and communications industry.

IXPP foam
XPE foam
IXPE foam
ESD anti-static foam
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Independent innovation is the core value of Meishuo.

We have professional technical certificates, supporting laboratories, R&D teams and bases.
Meishuo is committed to the development, production and sales of polyolefin foam materials. And on the basis of the existing lightweight polyethylene foam material (IXPE & XPE), we invest in the special research and development of high-performance polypropylene foam material (IXPP).
All employees of Meishuo adhere to the value of providing high-quality products and serving people all over the world.

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